infinite debtor?



Thanks for visiting the online home of Timothy Baird—husband, father, pastor, student, and blogger. My debt truly is infinite to the One who loved me, and gave Himself up for me.


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  • Justification and Sanctification - It is vitally important that the church continually remind herself of the nature of justification and sanctification as taught in scripture, and as reclaimed and heralded in the Protestant Reformation.
  • Kiss the Wave - [By Ashley Baird] “I have learned to kiss the waves that throw me up against the Rock of Ages.” -C.H. Spurgeon Life can be like the ocean. Sometimes it’s peaceful and calm, and other times it is full of turbulent waves that come crashing against us. It’s hard for us to share struggles and trials […]
  • Confessing Christ in the Midst of Error—A Greek Exegesis of 1 John 5:18-21 - Corporate Confession of 1 john 5:18-21 The Big Idea Context The recipients of John’s first epistle were apparently dealing with false teaching that had been the cause of major turmoil in the recipients’ church(es). This schism over the person and work of Christ apparently went so deep that the false teachers ended up seceding from […]
  • Hateful, Mixed-Fabric Wearing Hypocrites! - It’s an argument many of us who insist on biblical morality have probably heard before. “If you’re going obey the Bible, you’re going to have to avoid wearing clothes with mixed fabric, eating shellfish, and boiling baby goats in their mother’s milk!” This argument came up recently in a discussion where someone insisted that Jesus never […]
  • The Light of Men - Brief Overview of the Offices of Christ In the vivid and powerful words of the Princeton theologian, Charles Hodge, “We as fallen men, ignorant, guilty, polluted, and helpless, need a Savior who is a prophet to instruct us; a priest to atone and to make intercession for us; and a king to rule over and […]


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